The Solar Orbit

The Unknown World

Between 1996-1997, there was a site called Black Drago's Domain. There were various counterparts and sections to this ill-formed page, but it eventually evolved into Drago Domain in 1998. Due to free website hosting being unpredictable, the site had to move again in 1999, changing its name to Unknown Worlds. Eventually, the plural was dropped.

In 2002, much of the Unknown World became defunt, unreachable, and/or out of date. A lot of the information was moved to a subsite called The Wonderous Wood and the rest of it was lost, or backed up on a drive to gather dust.

On 19 August 2009, however, the creator of these pages set out to recreate (and update) her old hobby, and this is the resulting page.

Coming Soon: The Unknown World and its sub-sites (new and old) will be moving to this listed address: - More updates soon to follow.

The Wonderous Wood

Contact: delennjohn { at } aol {dot} com