23 August 2009: THE WOOD IS NOW RE-OPENED, RE-DESIGNED! If you're looking for lost links, such as old pet URLs, please drop me an e-mail at blackdrago {at} blackdrago {dot} com. I'll let you know where I moved any adopteds from you.

The Wood is still under construction, including the prizes from the final battle (if you make it that far). However, the rest of the construction is contained to the Split Path - which doesn't have the 'adventure game' on it. Good luck!

21 August 2009: The Unknown World has its own domain name - www.theunknownworld.org - now! And the Wood is moving, with its new design, to http://www.theunknownworld.org/wood/ - Please update your links.

12 January 2008: The split path is starting to slowly come together. Hopefully the entirety of the Wood will be reopenned by the summer.

6 August 2005: The entire Lead Path is now complete, and now several people are testing it. It has already been tested once by four lovely people, and I shall be adding a thank you page for everyone.

17 May 2005: The Wood is currently undergoing a complete overhauling. The site lost its storyline, and I'd like to revive it, adding new quests and adoptables. So far, only the following have been done: Embrod, Andomo, Cattinonia, and the Caves.

But, now there is a map to find. That's right, an entire map of the Wood!

Wonderous Wood