Frequently Asked Questions

This section is meant to answer some common questions asked about the Wonderous Wood. If you have any more, please feel free to contact me, and I may add it.

Question #1: What is the Wonderous Wood?

The Wonderous Wood is a world to explore, filled with cyberpets and awards as well as creatures for you to adopt! To find out how to play, and where to go, enter into the Wood and go to Andomo, where most of your questions should be answered.

Question #2: Where do you get your names? Why are some names almost the same? Why are there repeat names?

I use a number of name sources. I have made up some of them, and all of the town names were thought up by me. However, some of the creatures that are adopted have been named by the creator, or have specific naming rules which make it more difficult to name.

However, for those names that I don't make up myself, I use several name generators. There is an online Fantasy Name Generator, which has a variety of names. Name Mage has an interesting collection of naming rules, ranging from Tolkien to Norse to Celtic, and it is one of my oldest tools for name-creation. I also used Fantasy Name Generator 3.1.6, which is a downloadable name-maker. This program also allowed me to set my own naming rules and put them to use in the generator.

For this reason, there may be some very similar names because the naming rules remain the same, regardless of how many names you generate. Repeat names can usually be explained by the fact that they were not generated, but thought up on a whim by myself (eg-Flare for a fire creature) and was re-used because it suited more than one creature.

Question #3: Why do you use the words 'Wonderous', 'wanderor', etc? They aren't spelled correctly!

No, they're not spelled correctly, but I've kept them for two reasons. One, 'Wonderous' is a cross between Wondrous and Wandering, which is more suitable for the Wood. Two, 'wanderor' is a title, which should be spelled 'wanderer'. I also have a bit of a problem with spelling, so if you see any other spelling errors, I'd appreciate it if you reported them to me.

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