The Split Path


You decide to explore the Split Path and see where it takes you. You wander along it, thinking the whole while why there are two paths. After what seems like no time at all, the path slopes gently downward and you are left at the foot of an enormous tree.

"Hello," hisses a soft yet dangerous voice. You look around, slightly frightened, but see nothing. After a few moments, a shockingly pink creature steps out from behind the tree's thick trunk.

"Welcome, wanderer," says the voice, "I am Kamilios, the gaurdian of this tree. I'm also somewhat of a guide for those in the Wood who use this tree as a marker. I see you've gotten this far, which means I probably don't have to kill you." She pauses, as if to give you time to absorb this sentence. "Let me tell you about the part of the Wood you are entering."

She leaps delicately onto the tree's closest root to you, arranging herself in a comfortable sitting position. "When the Wood was formed, no one knew how big it would be, and as more and more creatures came, the power of the Wood grew stronger. When the great shift happened, the Wood tried to protect all the creatures that lived here." She tosses her head impressively. "It succeeded."

After a pause, she looks at you intently and continues, "The trouble is, Fri-On is at large. The Wood could not defend itself from Fri-On. At least, not entirely. This half of the Wood is completely protected from Fri-On. While many of the creatures know him here, you will find no trace of his power, nor any hints to his defeat, in this part of the Wood. In short, this would be the Wood as it was should Fri-On had never come."

She turns and walks away before you get a chance to say anything else. However, right before she disappears, she says, "Root-Baine is ahead. The jungle is to your left, and the dunes are to your right."

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Head Forward
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Wonderous Wood