With a soft pop, the tigon disappears, and leaves you. And, just as suddenly, the warm green of the wood fades to black, and everything around you drops into a dull, dull grey. You look around, confused by the new surroundings.


"Welcome, wanderor," a female voice chimes. "I see you're an adventurous one, that's good to know. One can only hope that you're honest and true about your intentions in this Wood."

She steps out before you, a woman holding a broom with dark clothing and piercing black eyes. "I am Orenda, and I am here to help you on the crossroads."

She waves her arm, and you then see three paths you may go on, all of which look rather dark and dreary. "One shall lead you back, two others forward. Be wise in your choices, for there is great reward in this wood for those who listen."

"These lands are confused," she continues. "But there is a method to them. Some say there exists a map somewhere in the Wood, but I have never seen it, nor have any of the castle folk. So, be aware, that if you find the map it will be very, very accurate."

Take the Highland Path
Take the Long, Flattering Road
Take the Tunnel

Wonderous Wood