The Pathway

Gaurdian of Earth

You head onward as you were told and stumble upon another of the forest's inhabitants. You introduce yourself, and she smiles. "I am Guardian of Earth! I guard this forest, so do not attempt to harm it. Now, you have met my sister, Guardian of Beasts, but you have not met all the guardians, might I add."

You nod and tell her that you have no harmful intentions for the forest. "Good," she responds. "Take this path, I'll light it for you, but be aware of your foot at all times. I can not garentee your safety after you leave my sight. If you stumble into a dark place, fear not." With that, she lights a path.

As you begin to walk away, she says rather firmly, "If you haven't been here before, I suggest you follow the light all the way to its end. That shall take you to Andomo, the Wisest Town in all of the Wood. You'll be welcomed there." She pauses, "And don't forget to visit Embrod, if you're looking for adoptions."

You wonder down it and notice several others that branch off of it. One leads down a clear, crisp path that is illuminated well. Another races left, but many branches and shrubs cover over it. A third narrow trail veers right, and a fourth in the opposite direction. You notice several others. Where to go?

Follow the Light
Follow the Crisp Path
Follow the final, Twisted Path
Take the Lead Path
Explore the Split Path

Wonderous Wood