At the Gates


"Hee hee hee," a voice echos as you follow a rather twisted path along the Wood. The forest gets thicker, than thinner again, as you walk, rather unsurefooted, through the brush. The laughter is, for lack of a better word, irksome.

Despite the fact that it has cleared a bit, the path is still hard to walk, and when you make it to two gates, which are heavily covered in ivy, you breathe a sigh of relief. "Hee hee hee," you hear again. Finally, though, you can tell where it is coming from; you look up.

"Welcome to Cattinonia," says a hearty voice. A male tiger is above you, laying restfully among overhead branches. "I have followed you from that initial pathway, overhead. Us residents of the Wood can be stealthy; well, some of us can be, at least!" He smiles.

There is a moment of silence.

He stiffens up a bit before continuing. "I suppose you'd like to enter? I will warn you that there are some easily offended members of Cattinonia. You can easily be thrown out. So be on your very best behavior...and, when all else fails, do remember that laughter is the best medicine."

With that said, he stands, leaps from his branch, and the gates swing inward.

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