The Gaurdian and the Guide


You step into Cattinonia expecting a wide clearing. What you get, however, is not what you expect. You're plunged into darkness and the gates swing shut, shutting you inside. You can no longer hear the laughing tiger, and then you realize that he may not have been entirely honest. What if he intends to eat you?

"How many times will I have to tell Sulmeng to tell me when a visitor is here!" you hear a rather angry female voice say. The darkness lifts enough for you to make out what is around you. It appears that this entire village is made out of fallen trees and strong, bark-like underbrush that either grows or is put in the shape of rounded huts.

You then see her: a beautiful woman with a small grey dog at her feet. She welcomes you with a wave. "I am Baen, the Guardian and Guide of this village."

"I see nothing wrong with you, however, as you seem to be well-worthy to walk along Cattinonia. I bless you with Sight, which will help you in the dark. Be very careful not to walk on anything but ground or wood, as some of our residents resemble the ground."

Her dog leaves, walking away towards the center of the town. "While most of our residence is made up of feline creatures, you may run into others. Our well is a fine place to meet people..." she smiles. "Other than that, there are a few houses that you can visit. The ones that are closed -- you'll be able to tell them by the sign on their door -- are not accepting visitors."

Check out the Closest House
Take a Right and Examine a House
Examine the House on the Left
Go to the Well
Return to the Pathway

Wonderous Wood