The Crisp Path


You decide to take the crisp path and come across a rather large fairy. You stop, dead in your tracks, gawking at her.

She seems to not have noticed the impression she has made on you, because she stands up and says, "Welcome, wanderor, I am Maevea, guardian to the next area you are about to enter." She eyes you. "Of course, you've gotten past two guardians already, which makes me think you're not evil..." She smiles.

"Up ahead is Embrod, one of the local villages. I hear that they know a few things about the Wood, but they do not have any special gifts for you." She pauses. "But they can explain how to find certain adoptions. They're quite good with directions, Embrod Folk! So, please, venture into the village and talk to a few of them."

Enter into Embrod

Wonderous Wood