Embrod Village

At the Gates


You nod to Maevea, and enter into Embrod. It's nothing as you expected it to be. You thought there would be a quaint little village with a few people. Instead, there is a magnificent open area, enclosed entirely by what look to be strategically placed trees. In the center, there are two wells, which surround a beautiful fountain.

You step toward the center, wanting to get a better count of the houses, but you're stopped by a young woman in armor. She is quite obviously another gaurdian, as she is carrying a big sword and looks to be trained as a knight of some kind.

"I am Gwynoturn," she says loudly. "Please, before you enter this village, let me have a word with you."

You step toward her and can now make out the houses more clearly. The houses here circle the water and face one other, giving you the impression of a small, tight-knit community.

"Embrod Village was the first major village outside of the castle," she says. "People have come and gone from here, although most have stayed. We here at Embrod ask that you be polite to us, least we throw you out." She smiles. "With that said, let me point you in the right directions."

She points directly across the land, right past the fountain and wells. "Over there is the Adian Stables, where you may speak to an elder Magmaquine, if she so desires to see you."

She points to another house to the right of the well and beings, "You may go there to seek out information about adoptions. They will be very informative for anyone wishing to learn how to find hidden adoptables."

"Directly across from there is a small area where you may learn about another special creature, the Kattail. I know very little about them myself, as they keep rather quiet."

She then waves her arms around at the other houses. "The other homes all have residents, please knock before you enter. And remember, be polite. We are a proud folk, here in Embrod, and we do not take kindly to insult."

Go Across to the Stables
Take a Right by the Wells
Take a Left by the Wells
Inspect the Various Houses
Approach the Two Wells
Return to the Main Path

Wonderous Wood